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If you are looking to launch your brand on the social platforms for exposure, traffic and monetization then you are at very ideal place! Facebook Guru’s experience with social media has lead us to combine in-house strategic, media buying, and engineering resources to ensure the best possible results for our clients.Read More

Facebook Stalker Application

Facebook has become such a vital part of our lives that it connects easily to both of our close and more distant friends, promote brand or events and even check a list of updates about what people might be doing in their social circle. Facebook works as multi-tasking network which socializes, shares and connects the people altogether in a network of 400 million users on the globe.

Human nature is always attracted towards sharing stuff, whether it is about the mood they are in present, or wishing their loved ones on an occasion, or displaying likes, dislikes etc. Social updates are a better option for expression; almost every user updates their profile every next day. Keeping a check about what is happening around us is a habitual act which is best driven through social networks. What is my best friend up to these days? What job is she into these days? How is he looking this summer in his new dazzling Versace t-shirt? Etc

Where, Facebook holds command of being an enormous social circle in the niche so most of us locate updating activity hugely in our social profiles whether it’s about relationship status or employment. Recently, news were publicized about “My Facebook Stalker” which states that you can easily access all sort of data updated on your Facebook profile 24/7, that is who visited your profile most, who had a change in their profile picture or who had a post on their wall. This app turns to a decline in Facebook advancement due to non-convenient and confused admittance for the users. Facebook users are irritated of those long listed update queries of their friends or social circle.



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